Vaping Advice from Veterans to Beginners

Whenever you get intimidated by vaping terminology or experience, remember that no one has been using an e-cig for much more than a decade. Although you shouldn’t hesitate to ask questions of experts, it also doesn’t hurt to hear the thoughts of everyday users.

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Everyone is New to Vaping

One truism that we repeat in this blog often is that vaping is not always an easy field to approach. It can be intimidating because: 1.) technology is involved; 2.) often devices are being customized; and, 3.) there is a lot of terminology that is unrecognizable to those who are new to e-cigarettes. Keep in mind that no one has a long history with vaporizers. It’s a relatively new technology, and vaping is a relatively new culture. In fact, it was just 13 years ago, in 2003, that Chinese researcher Hon Lik patented the first electronic cigarette. Sure, there are many people who have become experts at the field of vaping, but no one has been at it for much more than a decade. Everyone has been a rookie at vaping in the recent past – so they should be able to relate to anyone who has questions.

Everyday Users Give Vaping Advice

Although you don’t want to be intimidated by people who have developed some vaping expertise, it doesn’t hurt to hear from the perspectives of some current everyday users. Here is some advice from real vapers, as provided in comments to Vape News Magazine: Kristy Cordell Wiggins of Georgia suggests that if you are just starting to vape, it’s a good idea to get a high-quality mod and tank. “It really makes a difference in the flavor and the amount of smoke you vape,” she advises (referring actually to vapor produced rather than smoke). “Once you vape and find the flavor you like, you will be in heaven, and the cigarette will be only a bad memory!” she adds. Wiggins says she is completely in love with vaping after doing it for just a couple months. Finally, she cautions to be sure to gather as much information as you can so you are a smart shopper and don’t get frustrated with anything you purchase. Note: Wiggins talks about the importance of getting solid information. Your online store should do everything they can to make sure their customers get products they will appreciate. Customer service should be one of their points of pride. Jason Williams of Medford, Oregon, argues that it isn’t a good idea to be impatient when purchasing an e-cigarette. Echoing Wiggins’ sentiments, he says to compare various options so you know you get a good fit. Specifically, he does not think it’s a good idea to begin with a pen-style, cigalike model but to jump right into mods. Williams also advises testing the waters with juices. “Purchase different nicotine strengths to find the one that cuts your craving for an analog,” he says. “Try multiple flavors…; what may be good for a few puffs may not be good for all-day usage.” Note: Again, your online store should be able to make suggestions for liquids you might like based on your order history and even the flavors you typically like in food (although that’s an imperfect gauge, as indicated below). Bryon Raper of Fernandina Beach, Florida, also points to how critical looking for information on products yourself is. He mentions specifically that companies will sometimes want to sell you something more than they want to meet your needs. Mike Anderson of White Plains, Maryland, says that you really want to buy something as an investment rather than as a transitional piece. He says many shops are just looking to make fast money rather than form relationships. Patricia Williams-McDonald of St. Paul, Minnesota, notes that it’s wise to “spend a little more money for a product that will take you through the vaping experience.” She adds, “Now I have a couple high-end box mods and [a] few sub-Ohm tanks,… and e-liquid has no bounds.” She comments that different people like different flavors. She adds that if she could do it over again, she would have started vaping with a mod rather than initially using cigalikes. Williams-McDonald has been 100% free of smoking for 1 year and 7 months. Both her husband and daughter also quit smoking through vaping. Amanda Cabrera of Horn Lake, Mississippi, points out that liking to eat a certain type of food doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll enjoy vaping its flavor. She notes that taste buds become revitalized after quitting smoking, so you can better appreciate the diversity of options. Cabrera is certainly right about that, according to the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Nevada School of Medicine. “Shortly after stopping smoking your body will improve its circulation and thus repair some of the damage that the cigarette smoke has caused,” writes the school. “This includes taste and smell.”

Make the Switch

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