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The vaping market is quite overwhelming since it’s filled with an enormous amount of products.  What’s even more overwhelming is the thought that manufacturers will continue to try and rise above the next company by releasing new and improved versions of those products.  It’s a continuing cycle, and products are advancing much quicker than we ever imagined.  That being said, we feel that information is required when making a purchase.  Feel free to read our mod buying guide.


Choosing A Type of Mod

types of mods

When looking to buy a mod, the first thing you should do is figure out what type of mod you want; a tube mod or box mod.  Manufacturers of mods have began slowing down on producing tube mods as most consumers have fazed them out and have begun favoring box mods.  Another choice present is if you want a regulated mod or unregulated mod.  A regulated mod will have electronics that are housed in the device, such as wiring, chips, and also regulates the power, thus giving you the ability to adjust that power.  An unregulated mod is pretty much the bare bones of the way a device works.  This device doesn’t tamper with the original power at all.  In fact, the only power available is from the battery itself.  The average vaper will lean towards a regulated mod because of its safety features, its functions and because of its appearance.


Setting A Budget


When searching for a mod to buy, it’s a great idea to set a budget.  The truth is, mods can carry quite the hefty price tag, so setting your budget and sticking to it will save you from those “why did I just pay that much?” moments.  Fortunately, manufacturers have just started releasing mods at an unbelievable and affordable cost.  Many think that because of so much competition in the vaping market that the value of mods are going to continuously drop and become even more affordable.

Search Mod Reviews

It’s a very good idea to search mod reviews.  Reviewers will give you all the information on a specific product and you’ll be able to gauge what the latest products are.  Not only should you take the word of popular reviewers among the vaping community, but you should also see what the consumers say about the product as well.  When looking at a product page, view the feedback the product is receiving.

Compare Features

Anytime you’re looking to purchase a product, you’ll want to compare the features between each and see which features will suit you best.  We know that many mods come with gimmicky features that are used merely to entice you to purchase, so we’re going to list the features that you should focus on most.


Wattage:  When purchasing a mod, you’ll want to choose one that has a decent wattage range.  Though there are many mods that go up to a very high wattage, that doesn’t necessarily mean its the best choice.  In fact, most who have devices that can reach up to 150 watts never actually past 100 watts.  Being that standard clearomizers and sub-ohm clearomizers do not require a very high wattage, and with rebuildable atomizers you can build higher resistance coils, 50 to 70 watts is all you would ever need.  If you don’t need even that much, it’s always best to have some room to play, just in case.

Resistance:  Sub-ohm clearomizers are now being offered with super low resistance coils, so you’ll want to find a mod that can fire low resistance coils.  The lowest resistance offered from a replacement coil right now is 0.2 ohms, so you’ll want to find a mod that can fire down that low.  If you choose a mod that can’t go that low, just make sure the clearomizer that choose to pair with has a replacement coil with higher resistance.

Battery Life:  Most mods allow you to pull the battery out of the mod and charge it externally.  Because of this, you can choose different batteries that have different mAh ratings to suit you best.  However, there are many mods being manufactured today that have a internally charged battery, meaning that you can not replace the battery or charge it outside of the mod.  This being said, choose a mod that has the best battery life.  To do this, look at the mAh (Milliamp Hour) rating… the higher the rating, the better the battery life.


Quality:  To be quite honest, there’s not a lot of features when it comes to unregulated mods.  Some vary with different button styles, vent holes and appearance, but the main thing you should be concerned about with unregulated mods is the quality.  The quality of an unregulated mod or mechanical mod, can be a make it or break it deal.  Inspect the throw in the button, inspect the 510 connection, and even the threads on the mod.  Make sure the all connection points make a solid connection, and ensure that the mod is made of a good material.

Safety:  Keep in mind that since unregulated mods have no chips or wiring, there are no safety features in place.  An unregulated mod typically doesn’t have any limitations, and because of this, that can open users to potential risks.  We highly recommend that you research unregulated and mechanical mods thoroughly before buying one.  To keep your safety a top priority, make sure there is proper ventilation holes on the mod, and also make sure that the mod has a way to be locked to prevent accidental activation.

Our Top Picks for Mods

Our Conclusion

Buying a mod is creating an investment, and to make sure you’re making a solid investment, you need to know that what you’re investing in will stand the course of time and will provide the best result.  With this information, you’ll know exactly what to look for, and the steps to take so that you’re satisfied with your purchase and have no regrets.  Use this buying guide to ensure that you get a great product and an even better experience.

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