Getting Started with Vaping

It can seem intimidating at first to get into vaping because there is so much jargon and the field is relatively new. Let’s look at one vaper’s story, a few terms, and some users’ thoughts on getting started.

  • One Vaper’s Story
  • A Few Quick Terms
  • Users’ Thoughts on Vaping
  • Make the Switch

It takes many people a while to actually get started with vaping because it’s easy to feel unsure and confused upfront. You may not know much about vaping products; but beyond that, you might not even really feel confident about the type of questions that make sense to ask when comparing e-cigs. The jargon used in the vaping industry and community can make things even more unclear. To cut through some of the confusion, let’s look at the story of one vaper and a few comments on getting started from other current users.

One Vaper’s Story

Erin Hedrick joined Vape News Magazine on the administrative side in October 2014. She took the job because she had an English degree, and it was an opportunity to work on a magazine. Gradually she started to do more reporting. Since Hedrick became part of the vaping community simply by looking for employment, she knew virtually nothing on the topic when she first joined the publication. Soon feeling a bit out of her element, she started researching vaporizers and their use, primarily by talking with people at companies that sell electronic cigarettes. Customer service is critical, she says, for any vaping firm to be successful – especially since people feel like they are entering unfamiliar terrain. Most e-cig businesses are aware of how powerfully vaping could impact the world, explains Hedrick. “[W]hile I fully understand that it can be nervewracking to approach an expert on the subject, don’t be nervous,” she says. “They’re there to help you, and any reputable [site] will be more than happy to.” Many vaping businesses feature discounted starter kits so that you can get active without a large barrier to entry. Plus, starter kits are helpful for anyone who does not want to have to ask any questions. Essentially these kits can allow you to learn about vaping by… vaping. Once you go to a site and look at the products, what happens next? Get onto the phone or live chat with the company. The people who work at vaping companies are typically passionate about shedding some light on this emerging field, notes Hedrick.

A Few Quick Terms

Here are a few basic terms to help you as you look at different products and interact with vaping specialists. (For a fuller list, see our Glossary of Vaping Terms.) Analog: A standard tobacco cigarette. Cigalike: Generally disposable, these low-end vaporizers are available at gas stations and resemble tobacco cigarettes. Clearomizer: This vaping component used in mods (the highly preferred method of vaping among long-time users) is also referred to simply as a tank, advises Hedrick. “It’s arguably the most popular trend in vaping at the moment,” she says. “It is a tube-like cartridge that holds e-liquid [with a] wick… to deliver the juice to the coil.” Coil: The wire, shaped into a coil, that is heated and vaporizes the liquid. It is typically made of stainless steel, titanium, nickel, kanthal, or nichrome, notes E-Cigarette Politics. E-juice (or e-liquid): The substance used to create the vapor. It can come with or without nicotine – in various strengths if it’s included. Other ingredients are propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and flavoring, explains QuitDay. Mod/APV: A mod, also called an advanced personal vaporizer (APV), is a customized e-cigarette. These come in two primary styles: box and tube. The box one looks essentially like a pack of cigarettes connected to a mouthpiece. Tube mods look like small flashlights attached to mouthpieces. Vape pen: A small, push-button operated battery that is shaped like a pen and connects with a small tank.

Users’ Thoughts on Vaping

Nate Van Vleet of Champaign, Illinois, says that you want to be prepared when you travel. “Put together a travel case that holds all your gear,” he says, so you won’t be forced to buy a pack of smokes when your coil goes bad or your battery dies out on the road.” Nate also says to invest in a good vaporizer so you can enjoy the pleasure of vaping rather than getting frustrated and turning back to traditional cigarettes. Jerry Iozzo of Minnesota comments that if you want to quit smoking, it can be a mistake to go with tobacco flavors. He suggests to keep trying different options until you identify the flavors you like best. Kyle Venter of Cape Town, South Africa, says that the smartest way to approach vaping is to quit cold turkey, switching 100% to the e-cigarette. Within a couple weeks, he says, your smoking habit will be a distant memory.

Make the Switch

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