Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Vaping But Were Afraid to Ask (Part 1 of 3)

Smoking is a huge public health concern and a cause of widespread death and suffering. One popular way that people quit smoking is through vaping, with e-cigarettes. Here is a handy guide to get you started with this safe and effective smoking-cessation method.

  • Top Cause of Death, Sickness, and Poverty
  • Vaping
  • The Vape
  • E-juices & Caution with Nicotine
  • Safety of Vaping
  • Make the Switch

We all know that smoking is notoriously difficult to quit. Even if people succeed in quitting temporarily, it often doesn’t stick. “About 90 percent ultimately begin smoking again at some point down the line,” notes HowStuffWorks. “Most of those smokers relapse in the first three months after the decision to quit, when cravings are particularly strong and withdrawal symptoms are still occurring.”

Vaping is one way to quit smoking that often leads to long-term success. However, it can be a bit confusing if you’re used to the simple and straightforward – though deadly – world of cigarettes. Let’s quickly look at a few smoking stats, and then explore terms and other aspects of vaping.

Top Cause of Death, Sickness, and Poverty

Vaping is in some ways similar to smoking. Both of these activities involve taking a product and inhaling it, which is of course unlike most products you might buy. In part because the way the product is used is similar, people often want to lump electronic cigarettes in with traditional ones, forgetting that the former is a smoking-cessation device and an important tool with which smokers can turn their focus toward health.

To the same extent that vaping is helpful, smoking is harmful. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), tobacco addiction is one of the most prevalent health challenges in the history of the world. The death toll for the substance is approximately 6 million annually, including 5 million direct deaths and 600,000 from second-hand exposure.

On a social level, the problems caused by tobacco use are particularly evident in countries that are low- and middle-income. That’s partially because 4 out of every 5 cigarette users live in these countries. When someone is killed by cigarettes, they aren’t able to put food on the table. Tobacco-related illness also bumps up medical costs and slows the growth of a nation’s economy.

Issues with tobacco extend beyond smoking to the tobacco plant itself. “In some countries, children from poor households are frequently employed in tobacco farming to provide family income,” says the WHO. “These children are especially vulnerable to ‘green tobacco sickness,’ which is caused by the nicotine that is absorbed through the skin.”


Vaping is the process of inhaling anything that is heated to release a vapor, as opposed to burning it. Although vaping isn’t just about avoiding the natural irritant of smoke, that’s one reason people do it.

When you e-vape, you typically are consuming vapor produced by heated vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol (typical main ingredients in e-juice). Sometimes (although certainly not always) nicotine is included as well; the nicotine varieties are particularly attractive to people who are quitting cigarettes and wanting to avoid withdrawal.

Many people who switch to vaping use a nicotine variety as a stepping-stone to successfully getting off of nicotine entirely.

The Vape

A vape is a casual term for an e-cigarette or other device used to vaporize. Beyond the e-cigarette, another option is the vape pen, also called an ego – although these devices are also often sold under the label e-cigarette. Vape pens are highly affordable and very popular.

Mods are another option, notes Alex Cranz in Gizmodo. “Mods look like a cross between an oboe and a taser and are where much of the vaping community focus their energy,” she says. “They’re known for their insane customization.”

E-Juices & Caution with Nicotine

Sometimes people use oils and even flowers in vaporizers, but they are primarily intended for use with e-juice. This substance is legal throughout the United States. Most of the people who use mods vape some type of e-juice.

As noted above, sometimes these contain nicotine – as much as 9 mg. Cranz says to be careful about over-indulging on nicotine upfront, even if you’re getting off smoking. She explains that it’s easy to get too much nicotine, feel nauseous, and get frustrated with e-cigarettes. Take it easy as you transition.

Safety of Vaping

People are often unfair toward e-cigarettes on the issue of safety. Consider that the government of the United Kingdom considers e-cigarettes health aids to quit smoking; the UK calls e-cigs at least 95% safer than traditional cigarettes.

Actually, it should not be a surprise that anything is far safer than cigarettes, notes Cranz, saying, “Cigarettes are death wrapped in white paper and loaded with carcinogens.”

Make the Switch

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