5 Tips That Will Increase Vapor Production

5 Tips That Will Increase Vapor Production


When it comes to vaping, it seems as if everyone’s on the search for increased vapor production here lately.  Because of an enormous outpour in high performance products within the vaping market, users have now caught on that they can build up some big clouds, but most are puzzled on how to actually achieve those big clouds.  Follow along as we give you 5 tips that will increase your vapor production.



  • Drop Your Resistance



A great way to increase your vapor production is to drop the resistance of your atomizer.  In other words, if you’re using a clearomizer, you’ll want to get a replacement coil that has a lower resistance.  If you’re using something like a rebuildable atomizer, you’ll want to build your coils to a lower resistance.  The less resistance your coil has, the faster and hotter your coils will get.  If you’re at a fixed voltage, this is the only way to make a gain, which is to lower your resistance.  With variable voltage and variable wattage devices, dropping resistance isn’t as big a deal since you can adjust to what resistance you already have.  This is why regulated devices on today’s market have become very popular.


2. Increase Your Voltage / Wattage


When using a regulated device, you can simply adjust your voltage or wattage higher to account for the resistance of your coil.  When you adjust higher, you’re applying more power to your atomizer, thus making your coils heat faster and hotter.


3. Use High VG E-Liquids


Most experienced vapers have lived by one thing when it comes to vaping… if you want more flavor, use PG, and if you want more vapor, use VG.  PG (Propylene Glycol) has a thinner consistency and is known to help with increasing the flavor, while VG (Vegetable Glycerin) has a thicker consistency and is known to help with increasing vapor.  In addition, many do not know it, but VG has the ability to capture moisture molecules from the air, which helps with producing those clouds that look large and spread out.  Using a higher percentage of VG in your e-liquid will definitely help increase your vapor production.


4. Increase Your Airflow


One thing that has held clearomizers back for years in the vaping market was the airflow they offered.  Since airflow was highly restricted with clearomizers, it caused clearomizers in the past to suffer, even though the basics to a vape setup continues to operate in the same manner.  A coil must have airflow to function correctly.  Limiting airflow will produce vapor, but very little.  However, when you increase airflow without any restrictions, a coil will begin functioning to its maximum potential.  Airflow is one of the most prominent parts to vaping, and if you’re looking to increase your vapor production, increasing your airflow will be a great start.


5. Wide Bore Drip Tips


Though it may sound silly, but something as simple as replacing your drip tip with a wide bore drip tip can help increase vapor production.  A wide bore drip tip is one that has a much larger opening/hole.  By using this type of drip tip with a larger hole, you’re opening the airflow.  When gunning for big clouds, airflow restriction is your worst enemy.  This is why those we call “cloud chasers” use chuff caps (very large drip tips/caps) with their rebuildable atomizers.


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