Vlogging on Vaping: Tia Vapes Shares Her Thoughts

If you have been involved in the vaping world for long, there’s a good chance you know the name Tia Vapes. In fact, you might very well be envious of her job: full-time vlogging. Tia spoke recently about what it’s like to do what she does.

  • The Charm of a Star YouTube Vaper
  • What’s it Like to be a Successful Vlogger?
  • A Little Help from a Friend
  • Advice for those Interested in Vape-Vlogging
  • Expanding Your Juice Palette

The Charm of a Star YouTube Vaper

Vlogging (video blogging) is one way that those in the vaping community connect with one another. Tia Vapes is a YouTube star who is focused on vaping; with almost 100,000 subscribers and 12.2 million views (accrued over just 3 1/2 years), she is one of the most prominent everyday users of vaping products. The basic concept of her channel is to review e-cigarettes, e-liquids, and other vaping related products in a fun and entertaining way. Tia is competent, well-versed, and prolific, releasing 5-7 videos in a typical week. However, part of the humanity of her account is its rough edges. For instance, her videos often contain jump-cuts – edits that are somewhat jarring because they don’t follow the standard cinematic 30-degree rule. Obviously no one expects a vlogger to be a Hollywood filmmaker, so jump-cuts sometimes add a bit of charm. Also, Tia isn’t a know-it-all but someone doing her best to explain the market and unafraid to mention what she doesn’t know. An example of that is in a recent video about UK e-liquids. “They are two pounds fifty pence,” she says, “Hopefully I’m saying that right. They’re two-fifty, in UK money.” Let’s look more closely at Tia Vapes and the general idea of vlogging on vaping, through highlights of an interview Matt Rowland conducted for Vape News Magazine


What’s it Like to be a Successful Vlogger?

Making the videos is a good time, according to Tia. However, the social media experience isn’t without its stresses. “In the vaping world, sometimes a new, hot product comes out, and within a month, it’s completely obsolete,” she explains. “And if you review it too late, then your social media fills up with a lot of haters posting nasty comments.” Tia works from home (as you might guess). Although outwardly it looks just like she’s on-camera for a couple minutes a day, her main job is communication of all sorts. She spends a lot of time responding to emails, replying to comments on YouTube, and engaging for hours on Twitter. The videos take about four days per week to make. She spends a full day making 2-4 short videos, and then spends the bulk of the following day editing them. She is effectively on-call seven days a week, but the weekends are dedicated specifically to her social channels (which also include Snapchat and Instagram). “So, I really never have a ‘day off’ because there’s always a Twitter message, a YouTube comment, and an email to answer,” she says. “But when you love what you do, it’s never really ‘work,’ is it?”

A Little Help from a Friend

Another aspect of vlogging that’s behind the scenes is how many people are involved. Tia is the only one who responds to email and uses her Twitter account. She does certainly have support, though. Tia often gets help and advice from her parents, grandparents, and fiancé. Plus, when she has a research question that requires more expertise from someone in her field, she turns to another vlogger, IndoorSmokers. It’s especially helpful to have friends around when dealing with the ugly side of social media, as mentioned above: trolls. Tia mentions that last year she had someone who was jumping from one of her channels to another, obsessively making snide comments. “He kept posting derogatory comments all over the place, on my Twitter feeds, Instagram, my website, and, of course, my YouTube channel,” she explains. That user went away, but Tia understands there will be more. “That’s just a part of doing business online,” she says.

Advice for those Interested in Vape-Vlogging

How do you become a YouTube star? Tia has three basic tips:

  1. Post as consistently as possible. You need to set up a schedule and expectations for how much content you’ll produce within certain timeframes. That both helps build your audience and keeps you relevant.
  2. Work with your audience. Ask people questions and get their perspectives. Keep in mind that these conversations can be off-topic and silly.
  3. Don’t be hypersensitive. In other words, pay no mind to the trolls. “If you’re starting a vaping [channel] to help people quit smoking… then you need to focus on that,” she says. “You’re helping people improve their health and maybe even save their lives.”


Expanding Your Juice Palette

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