Vaping for Purists: How to Drip (Part 1 of 2)

Dripping is a form of vaping that is known for being a “purist” approach, intended to preserve flavor by foregoing a tank or cartridge. Here is how to do it.

  • Dripping: It’s All About Flavor
  • Pros and Cons of Dripping
  • How to Get Started
  • Needed: Dripping Atomizer
  • Needed: Drip Tip
  • Needed: Battery
  • Dripping Safely

Dripping: It’s All About Flavor

Vaping obviously isn’t just about quitting smoking. It’s about flavor. Unlike traditional analogs (tobacco cigarettes), you aren’t limited to regular and menthol. Instead, you have easy access online to a wide range of liquid tastes from which use can choose. However, flavor isn’t just about the choice of juice. It’s also about how you use your vaporizer. That brings us to dripping – which, like it sounds, involves dripping the e-liquid directly on the heating element (the coil) of an atomizer so that it is completely fresh, providing the best possible taste. Not everyone decides to drip, in part because it is certainly not the most convenient way to vape. Let’s look at pros and cons before we get into actual instructions for how to drip.

Pros and Cons of Dripping

Here are basic positives and negatives of dripping, provided by the user kryptonicrxn on E-Cigarette Forum. Pros:

  1. The flavor is better, as indicated above.
  2. It only takes about 10 drops for a session (the vaping equivalent of a smoke break). Plus, if you get a good dripping atomizer, it will have a juice well to retain any excess liquid.
  3. “[N]o tank means smaller/shorter set up, more compact in your pocket,” says kryptonicrxn, meaning that you no longer have to “walk around without a 7-in PV sticking out.” (Note that PV is short for personal vaporizer.)


  1. You have another thing to always keep in your pocket or remember to put in your purse.
  2. The vaporizer has to be left standing or you will experience leakage.
  3. Now that dual and quad coils are standard, batteries are used up more rapidly.

One other quick disadvantage from God of Steam is that you should expect to pop coils once or twice while you are learning how to drip. The way to work through that problem, he says, is to get two dripping atomizers rather than just one so you won’t go nuts as you’re trying out this new technique.

How to Get Started

You will need the following 4-6 items to be able to drip, the first four of which are required and the last two of which are recommended but optional:

  1. Dripping atomizer
  2. Drip tip
  3. Battery
  4. Juice
  5. Drip shield
  6. 510 to 510 adapter (sealed).


Needed: Dripping Atomizer

The threading with which you attach a topper such as an atomizer to a battery is critical, as you may know; you basically need the parts to fit! 510 is the most typical. Yes, you can find non-510 dripping atomizers, but they are less common. “If your device doesn’t have a 510 connection, you need to get an adapter from whatever you have to 510,” says God of Steam, or find a dripping atomizer threaded for your device. If you’re going to use an adapter, get a sealed adapter.”

Needed: Drip Tip

God of Steam says that the range of drip tips, like other vaporizer parts, is extensive – but the basics are simple. “Just make sure that you get… a 510 drip tip (if you’ve got a 510 atomizer),” he says, “in whatever shape, color, and material you desire.”

Needed: Battery

You should be able to use a battery from any advanced personal vaporizer, or APV. (An advanced personal vaporizer, by the way, is a mod, which essentially describes anything that is not a cigalike – the original vaporizer that you can buy at a gas station.) If you are new to vaping and wanting to get started with dripping, the main topic of concern is the battery’s threading. Almost everyone will have 510 – just because that has become the sort of interoperable standard. Nonetheless, you do need to know what the threading connection is on your battery. [More on this later in Part 2…see below]

Dripping Safely

Are you interested in getting top-of-the-line equipment and advice to drip safely? At, we only stock new authentic brand name ecig products and accessories. Specifically, let’s talk about the WotoFo Ice³ RDA. This product is a rebuildable dripping atomizer with a 510 connection. In other words, it’s exactly what you need, and it’s highly affordable. This atomizer is designed to give drippers whichever it is they desire – big flavor or big clouds. It gives you power and control through a two-post build deck, dual adjustable airflow control, and PEEK insulator. Learn more. Please feel free to ask us any questions about how to stay safe while vaping. High-quality customer service is central to our company’s mission. Stay tuned for Part 2, coming soon!

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  1. While technically correct info for the most part…… unfortunately, this is most definitely not the type of “DRIPPING” most would be wondering about &/OR considering….. not in “2016”, anyway. lol (aaahhhh, the good ol’ days. LR, bridgeless & just goooooooood. The awesome Cisco & his HH357. Actually saw him AT a VapeBash once. (not all THAT long ago, actually… thinking about it. May, 2013, I believe) When he could’ve easily just brought a bunch & then let the booth sell them. Leave/walk around the event, shop, schmooooze, etc. Instead, the man sat there (literally) not moving, ALL day. & THEN SOME… while, 1 by 1.. hand-making his Cisco-spec atomizers for everyone. Was really neat… &….. just said a LOT, imho, about him, his product, business practices, etc. That said, this “dripping atty” method is quite outdated, & I’d imagine not many use it anymore. Most, use “rebuildables” w/ Japanese Organic cotton wicking rather than silica… RBA, RDA, RTA, RDTA.. whatever one wants to call ’em, ETC. lol Whatever you’re vaping tho & however you choose to vape, just be sure & enjoy the hell out of it. Pretty worried for ‘vaping’ going forward, in general….. but….. Here’s to 2017!! =) LIVE LONG(er) & VAPE ON! #youarebeingLIEDto #kidsneedsavingfromCIGARETTES2ndhandsmoke Already proven >95% better/healthier +…. what vaping doesn’t do is impact anyone, no ‘2nd hand’ anything. As is, however, currently 165,000+ KIDS (in U.S. alone, btw) DIE each/every year due to “smoking related illness”. Considering they aren’t picking up a Newport at age 2, 10, etc.. They are dying by merely existing….. by breathing….. air…. filled w/ everyone else’s known dangerous/deadly 2nd hand “CIGARETTE” smoke! Frankly, any/everyone is impacted by it & whether smoker, non-smoker, ex-smoker, vaper or CHILD… all day, every day we are all inhaling those toxins & COULD still die from it. 465,000+ (HALF A MILLION PEOPLE EACH YEAR) actually……. do. vs………… ZERO. Not this year, last OR the 12 prior, so………. dangerous….. a ‘tobacco product’…… I think NOT. As for labels, cartoons, kid-like images on e-liquid bottles or (gasp) poisonous nicotine… Funny I don’t see child-locks on cig packs & yet they have more nicotine than most e-liquids… Funny that nicotine has only been shown (publicly anyway) addictive, as tested IN/with a cigarette. Trust, if a study was done (& I’m sure one was) that showed it was addictive all on its own, that would be made public! That it’s NOT info publicly available…. should say a LOT.. Speaking of those bottles tho, images & cartoons…. With >165 THOUSAND innocent children dying every year just in U.S. from breathing–inhaling the 2nd hand cigarette smoke/choices of others? idk, personally…. I’d be a LOT more worried with getting kids TO that age, alive, first!! Imho that is ALL we should focus on w/ this whole ‘tobacco’, FDA thing… Them, willing to put the almighty dollar ahead of even their own spouses, own childrens lives? … Psssh…. I say, Play their KID card…. only with a more informed, TRUTHFUL… & much better hand!! That… being a gamble I’d be willing to take. Rather than fight for vaping because it saved me….. Speak up & fight for ALL those kids who can’t do so for themselves yet, but have to die because of CIGARETTES… not vaping!!! …… just sayin’. lol =p Anyhoooo….. #notblowingsmokeORG #vapingCLEANERair #cigarettes=EVERYONEtechnicallySMOKERwhocouldDIE

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