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Regardless of whether you’re a vaping veteran or are brand new to the hobby, you don’t want to waste your time with inferior products. We’ll be sharing some of our best user-reviewed products across a few different vaping categories to get you going.

Every component of an electronic cigarette/vaping device is important, but the coil is especially so. The coil is what is heated up when your e-cig is in use, which in turns heats the e-juice, and creates the vapor that we all know and love so much. As you can imagine though, with even moderate usage, the coil will soon begin to get a bit “gunked up” for lack of a better term, which can negatively impact your vaping experience. Over time, you’ll come to recognize the telltale signs of a burned out coil right away – reduced vapor production, a burnt-tasting vapor when you inhale, leaking e-juice, etc. How often your coils last depends mostly on how much you vape, but buying the best quality coils can help them last longer too. Here are the top four reviewed coils available at the store.

UWell Crown Coil (4 Pack)

UWell Crown Coils This is not only one of our highest reviewed products, but it’s up there in terms of the most reviews with 14. And when 13 of those reviews are a perfect 5/5 stars (with the lone exception being a very respectable 4/5 stars), you know you have a very good product on your hands! The amount of reviews makes sense, as the UWell Crown Sub Ohm Tank which these coils go along with is one of our best sellers and boasts a very impressive 4.9/5 review average out of 34 reviews…let’s see what sets this coil apart from the pack:

“With the Uwell Crown Coil, you’re able to take advantage of a performance that is superior within the vaping market. The Uwell Crown Coil is being offered in this listing as a 4-pack, giving you a longer time between having to repurchase replacement coils. One of the main advantages to this coil is that it utilizes stainless steel fire. This stainless steel coil is known to deliver outstanding flavor and a fantastic vapor production. Wicking comes easy with the Uwell Crown Coil, as it is surrounded by 100% Japanese organic Cotton. These replacement Crown Coil’s are available in both 0.25 ohm’s as a single coil and 0.5 ohm’s as a dual coil.”

Other features and specifications include:

  • Made for the Uwell Crown Tank
  • Utilizes Stainless Steel Wire
  • Utilizes 100% Japanese Organic Cotton
  • 25 ohms (Dual Coil)
  • 5 ohms (Dual Coil)
  • 2 ohms (Single Coil)
  • Ni (Dual Coil)

Here’s what Kathi had to say about these coils back in December of 2015:

“Gotta love’s prices even if they do sell out fast! These SS coils produce fantastic flavor right down to the last drop of juice!! I’ve been rocking them on my 60w minis just as often as my 200w box and no matter what’s producing the power, the Crown Tank with these .25 ohm SS coils tastes just as good as, if not better than, the .15ohm Ni200 coils!! Only thing I like as much is my dual Claptons in my Sapor RDA!!”

Kanger Dual Coils (5 Pack)

Kanger Dual Coils If you caught our earlier piece about our Top Reviewed Starter Kits, you may have noticed we included a link to the Kanger Subox Nano as one of our most well-received starter kits. Kanger has been a leader in the e-cig game since 2007 so it’s not surprising. But in that starter kit article, we called out how cool the intro animation of a deconstructed e-cig device is on their main website page. We have to do it again here – seriously, go check it out. We love the music that goes along with it too, so turn your speakers up! Anyway, on to the coils, which are a popular item for us:

“Keep the vape going with this five pack of genuine and authentic coils from Kanger. By changing these out, you’re bringing your device back to feeling like “new.””

Other features and specifications include:

  • Bottom dual coil
  • 5 pack
  • The wicks are contained inside the coil head
  • Compatible with Aerotank, Aerotank Mega and Aerotank Mini, Protank 3 and Mini Protank 3, EVOD 2, T3D, EVOD Glass

Susan loved the price, shipping, and the versatility of the coils themselves:

“These coils work great. I use them in my Aerotank & Genitank. I bought the 1.5 ohm. I feel these have the best flavor & vapor production. What a great price & free shipping too!”

Aspire Nautilus/Mini BVC Replaceable (5 Pack)

Aspire Nautilus Coils The BVC series from Aspire is referred to by the manufacturer as a “revolution in coil technology”. And while you can’t take everything a company says about their own product as gospel, there are a variety of reasons why these are one of our best-selling and best-reviewed coils available:

“These are the latest Aspire Nautilus BVC Coils that utilize organic cotton, as well as featuring the latest larger wicking holes. Due to the use of the organic cotton and larger wicking holes, you’ll find that these updated coils offer a purer taste and a more consistent vape. Furthermore, they also have the Aspire BVC technology built-in, where the coil head is placed at the bottom and the coil itself has been positioned vertically. This allows for a smoother vaping experience, as well as an increase in flavor and vapor production.” “Using the Aspire Nautilus and Nautilus Mini is great, but it gets even better with these all new Aspire BVC Series Replaceable Coils. Expect a better taste, a more stable coil configuration, consistent wicking, a longer lifespan, and more vapor… and nothing less!”

Other features and specifications include:

  • Bottom Vertical Coil (BVC)
  • Better taste
  • More stable
  • Longer lifetime
  • More vapor
  • No wick
  • Compatible with both Nautilus and Nautilus Mini
  • Model: 8240 BVC

Here’s what Dusty had to say about the product and his experience in getting them from us here at

“Love this site. Great for people who are on a fixed income. And I ordered the 1.8 and the were the bigger wick holes and security code was spot on. In fact I just order another package I was so please with my first order.”

Not surprisingly, a 5/5 star review!

Joytech Delta 2 (5 Pack)

Joytech Delta 2 Coils Although they don’t have the cool and snazzy intro animation of Kanger that we called out above, Joytech has similarly been around since 2007 and is an unquestioned leader in the electronic cigarette industry. Their coils are always a big mover for us:

“The Delta 2 LVC Atomizer Heads offer incredible performance, especially with its most talked about feature, the Liquid Valve Control (LVC). This LVC feature is an upgraded design that has even seen changes since their last update. With this new design, you have the ability to simply turn a ring that’s located on the heads base to control how much e-liquid is allowed to enter the head. This is a highly vital feature since you can allow more surface area to your cotton, which enables the ability to match the viscosity of your e-liquid. High VG? No problem!” “The Joyetech Delta 2 LVC Atomizer Heads are available in 0.5 ohm, and are made specifically for the Joyetech Delta 2 Atomizer Tank. If you’re wanting the best performance from your Delta 2 Tank, this is where it starts!”

Other features and specifications include:

  • Kanthal Heating Wire
  • Vertically Positioned Coil
  • Liquid Valve Control
  • Resistance: 0.5 ohm
  • Compatibility: Joyetech Delta 2 LVC Atomizer Tank

And this 5/5 star review from Glenn is one of our all-time favorites, probably because of his headline of “How do you spell perfection???”:

“Because of this fact I am now purchasing two mods and batteries. This company is in my top 5 sites to purchase my vaping supplies from and gets a 5 star rating. Shipping was lightning fast and it is almost 1 am on a Thursday night and I had a question about the Atom Vapes gClapton 24k for the Kanger Sub Tanks and their chat is still active and Ralph answered my questions. THEIR CUSTOMER SERVICE IS PHENOMENAL.” “I rarely leave feedback but it is the least I can do in case you are on the fence of making a purchase here. I been vaping for over 8 years and you cannot find a better online store the I mean really they even own the URL”

We couldn’t resist adding that one in, even though we realize it’s mostly about us. You can click the link above to the product page to hear what Glenn had to say about the coils themselves (which was equally glowing). Thanks for reading! In case you missed them, be sure to check out our Best Reviewed E-Juice, Best Reviewed Starter Kits, and Best Reviewed Mods pieces. And stay tuned to the blog for future “Best Of” articles! By Jerry Whitehead III

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