10 Crazy E-Liquid Flavors to Try – Part 3

One of the best aspects of vaping is the wild amount of innovative and downright crazy flavors you can experiment with. Let’s take a look just at a few. The gap between Part 1 of our most unique e-juice flavors and Part 2 was close to a half a year…this time, we’re course correcting and making the gap between Part 2 and Part 3 just a day! Because six months is far too long to get inspired for your next flavor adventure when it comes to e-liquid. Part 1 featured three flavors and Part 2 had four, so we’ll be closing out our Top 10 list here with three more inventive and unique e-juices to check out.

Top Secret

Twisted Vapors Area 51 Everyone loves a good conspiracy theory…it’s just whether or not you actually believe them or simply think they make for good entertainment fodder. Let’s take one for example – the belief that a surprising number of people have that we faked the moon landing(s) back in the late 1960s and early 70s. You can read more about the various theories here, but we’ll cut to the chase and say that every single one of the theories has reputable evidence to refute them. Another big one is the idea that our government not only has knowledge of extra terrestrial aliens, but also has equipment, specimens, and even holds meetings with them at the top secret remote installation of Edwards Air Force Base in Nevada, more commonly known as Area 51. Only a small handful of people really know what goes on there, and we can assure you that we unfortunately can’t count ourselves among them. But you know a group we can count ourselves among? Ones who have tried and loved the Area 51 flavor from Twisted Vapors. We wouldn’t be surprised if there was some extra terrestrial technology behind making this flavor of e-juice so dang delicious, but we can definitely pick up on the fruity tones of peaches, watermelon, and mango. Like all the Twisted Vapor flavors we’ve featured in this top 10 list, it’s currently on sale for all bottle sizes and nicotine strengths!

Who Doesn’t Love Cookies?

I Love Cookies If you don’t like cookies, there’s just something wrong with you – it’s as simple as that. Fewer things are truly as universal a good as a nice cookie. And like the versatile sandwich, there’s a cookie out there that fits your needs and preferences perfectly. Probably the most popular homemade cookies are chocolate chip cookies…but what’s that? You don’t like chocolate? Try peanut butter cookies. Allergic to nuts AND you don’t like chocolate? Give Danish butter cookies a whirl. Going gluten free? There are a ton of options out there for you. Crunchy, chewy, sweet, savory…there’s literally a cookie for everyone. But what about inhalable cookies? Cookies that come in a liquid form which you can heat up and enjoy the delicious yumminess of freshly baked cookies without any of the calories or even turning on your oven? That’s where the I Love Cookies e-juice flavor from Mad Hatter Juice comes in, and it’s not just your standard Oreo or Thin Mint variety. The aim of this e-liquid flavor is to replicate the full experience of cookies AND milk, with some extremely subtle strawberry and caramel notes punctuating the background ever so softly. Unlike the Twisted Vapor varieties, this is a 60/40 VG/PG blend and is available in four different nicotine strengths, from 0 up to 12mg.

Can E-Juice Give You Wings?

Twisted Vapors Energy Drink Hopefully, you’re not a smoker. If you are, hopefully you at least read our most recent article about why it’s of an extremely critical nature that you quit, right now. And if you’re here on our site and reading our blog dedicated to electronic cigarettes, we’re hoping you’ve found vaping to be an effective method to help you quit tobacco for good. But if you’re a former smoker (as many of us are), you probably can remember your favorite smoking times – after a big meal, during work breaks, etc. For many smokers and ex-smokers (including yours truly), the best one was the first one in the morning. Your body has gone around 8 hours without any nicotine (probably a bit less if you were out partying the night before) and the effects of that first smoke are enhanced. Plus, it could provide a good little “wake up boost” by getting your heart going faster. It’s not the healthiest way to get going though, obviously, so many turn to coffee and energy drinks to get an extra lift. And speaking of lift, there’s a particular brand of energy drink that has an advertising claim that drinking their product can “give you wings”. If you’re looking for an e-juice flavor that can give you that same taste as well as a bit of the ol’ nicotine boost, you’ll want to check out the Energy Drink flavor from Twisted Vapors – one of their more unique entries. As with all their entries in this series: it’s a 70/30 VG/PG blend, five different strengths, and currently marked down to just $5.96 for a 30mL bottle. Well, that’s it – ten of our most unique e-juice flavors we currently feature on the Ecig store. We are regularly updating our offerings though, so keep checking back to find your next go-to variety! By Jerry Whitehead III

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