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Letter from the CEO

Running an electronic cigarette business is very stressful in these ever-changing times. Every day I wake up and check the news to see what we have to deal with today. Whether that be FDA regulations coming out, or new local legislation being introduced, I worry about our business being non-existent overnight. I’ve been overly stressed here lately, so my wife on Friday suggested that we get away for a weekend. So I contacted my good friend who owns Ox Ranch and he said to head on out. I won’t go into much detail about the ranch, but it is amazing and I highly recommend any of you out there that love animals to check out the website. It is the most amazing place I’ve ever been.

Being able to get away this weekend gave me a lot of time to think about and where we are headed vs. where I want to be. I started to be the biggest player in the vaping industry and while we’ve continued to grow, we are nowhere near where I want us to be at this point. Our growth has been steady, and we’ve made a lot of good friends in the industry and a lot of great customers. However, when you’re having to deal with the potential of not having a business the next day, we need to be growing 1000x faster. So we’re going to be making a few changes around here.

The first change we’re making is that we are no longer going to offer a 30 day no questions asked warranty on hardware. When we started out I wanted to have the best in the industry, but I’d say about 75% of all items returned to us we’re not able to get credit for from the manufacturers. So it does not make sense to continue this. We’re going to do a 72-hour warranty on all products outside of juice. This is a hard change to make, but it is necessary, unfortunately.

We’re also changing our shipping policy. Again, when we started we wanted the best shipping around (free). While this has worked out very well for us, it does not seem to be a determining factor for most customers. I’ve had countless emails saying that we do not have the best price on (x) item so that is why they are not shopping with us. Only to go to the competitors website, place the item in the cart and see that with shipping we have a way better price. So we’re changing our shipping to be free with any order over $75.

Another change is our affiliate program. We currently offer a 10% coupon code for all affiliates. We’re changing this to 5% off, but keeping the 15% commission to the affiliate.

…. And there’s one last thing
You might be a little confused with the changes above after I said we need to be growing at a way faster rate.

One thing that a lot of you might not know is that there is no way to really advertise an electronic cigarette store online, outside of forums. With every business, there is a CAC (customer acquisition cost). Most online companies will use Google Ads, Facebook ads etc. etc. Things’ that we cannot use in this industry. So we’re going to do it in another way.

Starting tomorrow morning (8/25/2015) @9am, we’re going to offer ALL of our hardware products AT COST until we lose $1,000,000. We’re putting a max quantity of 2 on all items for obvious reasons and we cannot set our juice prices lower as the manufacturers would kick us out of their program very quickly.

With this new plan in process, I hope to gain a ton of customers and win them over with our AWESOME customer service. I truly feel that customer service is key in any business and we strive to have the best here, anything else is unacceptable to me.

Personally I am available at any time that you feel you need to contact me. My email address is [email protected] and I will always respond no matter what the case may be. Also a quick shout out to one of our trusted partners and review sites!

To all of our current customers and new customers, I truly thank you for your business and I am very excited to see what the next few months bring!



  1. I read your new strategy plan & I think as a company trying to thrive all your changes are ? acceptable .
    I will be looking through your website for the first time and hopefully find what I’m looking for . Much luck & success to all of you @

  2. I would like a catalog if possible. I do waffles on Facebook My page is called VAPE!!!

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