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Each week, will take a look at a few of the more notable electronic cigarette and vaping stories that took place in the previous week, and recap them for you here in a nice, tidy, round-up style post. Enjoy!

How’s it going, vape nation? If you’ve read our news articles before, you know that we’re pretty big sports fans here (at least yours truly is), so it’s currently a very special time of year. Right now (at least the time at which this blog article was published), it’s time for one of the best spectacles in all of sports – the NCAA basketball tournament, or as it has been appropriately dubbed, March Madness. Every year, 64 division 1 teams from around the country (technically 68 since they added the four play-in games in 2011, but who’s counting) face off in a single elimination bracket style tournament to declare the national champion.

With that many games being played, you’re bound to have some classic buzzer beaters along with some “Cinderella stories” of extreme underdog teams taking on the giants of college basketball. And that’s to say nothing of the fun that comes with making your own bracket. Groups of friends, families, and coworkers alike are all competing against each other to win their pool with the most accurate bracket – and with an estimated 50 million Americans filling out brackets this year, that’s a lot of prize money at stake!

But despite the obsession with the NCAA tournament, there’s actually other things going on in the world, especially when it comes to vaping and electronic cigarettes. Let’s take a look at some of the bigger stories of the past week.

Public Vaping Prevails in First Ever UK Ban Vote

If we had a dollar for every time we wrote about a vaping story in the UK and mentioned that our mates across the pond are a lot more progressive than we are here in the states, we’d have at least six dollars. Maybe more.

But regardless, some more good news for vapers there, as the first vote attempting to ban vaping in public places was shot down earlier this week. This story in The Telegraph has more details:

The landmark vote by the Welsh Assembly aimed to restrict the use of nicotine inhaling devices in public places such as schools, restaurants and on public transport.

But the contentious legislation was defeated by just one vote in the Senedd. Opposition parties and even some health charities had strongly criticized the planned curb on e-cigarettes.

Shadow health minister and Conservative AM Darren Millar said a ban would have been a huge step backwards for smoking cessation and efforts to improve public health.

He said: “I’m delighted that pressure from the Welsh Conservatives and other opposition parties yielded results in the end.

The full article is worth a gander, which you can do here.

Flight Delayed Due to E-Cig Ignition

In addition to speaking about the more progressive and accepting attitudes regarding e-cigarettes in the UK, we’ve also talked a lot about personal electronic cigarette safety – a lot. Not only in these news roundup stories, but also on our Google+ and Facebook pages. And we even wrote an in-depth story about e-cig safety and best charging practices.

So when we see a story about a flight being delayed because an e-cig caught fire while in a carry-on bag in a plane taxiing on the runway, we’re not pleased:

Delta spokeswoman Ashley Black said, “During the boarding process of Delta Flight 689 traveling from ATL to STL around 7 p.m. Wednesday night, a customer’s bag ignited from an e-cigarette. The bag was safely extinguished with no damage to the aircraft. The flight departed about 20 minutes past scheduled departure. It was an MD-90 aircraft with 160 passengers and 6 crew on board.”

A spokesman for Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Andrew Gobeil, said the e-cigarette was inside a backpack, and there were no flames when the fire department arrived. Gobeil said passengers were not evacuated from the plane.

The original ABC News article (which you can read here) is a bit sparse on details, but if you read our e-cig safety article linked above, we think you’ll agree with us that the likely culprit was improper charging. We’re just glad nobody was hurt.

Experts Heavily Criticize Margaret Cuomo’s Critique of E-Cigs

In keeping with our theme of today’s news roundup story of covering news that relates to topics we’ve discussed, we’re ending with a big one. The health and safety of vaping, especially as compared to smoking, is arguably our most popular topic discussed here on the blog. We have consistently shown, via sharing academic studies and scientific research conducted by others, that vaping is across the board, safer than smoking.

Yet despite our efforts and those of so many others, we still see anti-vaping crusaders spread lots of misinformation. The latest was Dr. Margaret Cuomo, who took to Huffington Post to share a video claiming that electronic cigarettes are “at least as harmful to your health as regular cigarettes”.

We both know that’s not the case, but let’s let our old friend Dr. Michael Siegel (professor with Boston University School of Public Health with 25 years of experience with tobacco control) explain for us:

[Dr. Cuomo’s] claim is strongly refuted by a multitude of scientific evidence. The levels of carcinogens in e-cigarettes are orders of magnitude lower than in tobacco cigarettes. These products contain no tobacco and involve no combustion. The levels of diacetyl are about 750 times lower than in cigarettes. The levels of tobacco-specific nitrosamines are more than 1000 times lower than in cigarettes. Switching from smoking to vaping has been shown to produce immediate improvement in respiratory symptoms and lung function, to improve asthma symptoms in asthmatic smokers, and to reduce systolic blood pressure in patients with hypertension.

Check out his point-by-point critique of her video here.

That’s all folks. Have a great weekend, enjoy the tournament, good luck with your brackets, and be sure to check out the store for solid deals on your favorite vaping equipment and brands.

By Jerry Whitehead III

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