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Each week, will take a look at a few of the more notable electronic cigarette and vaping stories that took place in the previous week, and recap them for you here in a nice, tidy, round-up style post. Enjoy!

Howdy, fellow vapers! We usually like to start these blog entries off with a bit of topical references to what’s going on in the world of late. In the past we’ve introduced these e-cig news round ups with big sports stories, holidays on the horizon, or some entertainment industry goings on (as we did just last week with our Leonardo DiCaprio Oscar intro). But it’s been a fairly slow news week, at least from our perspective. The only thing worth talking about is the presidential election primaries, but honestly – you don’t come to a vaping blog to hear thoughts and insight about Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders or any of the candidates. You come here for vaping news, so without further ado, let’s get to it!

Vaping Overtakes Patches, Gums, Pills as Most Popular Cessation Method

If you’ve read this blog regularly, you know we’ve covered the multifaceted issue of vaping to quit smoking in several different of our round up pieces before (here’s our most in-depth analysis of the efficacy of vaping to get users to quit smoking). Depending on who you ask and what metrics they use, you’ll get a different answer. But there’s no denying the popularity of e-cigs among smokers wishing to kick the tobacco habit for good. This article via The Telegraph shows just a small sampling (just in England), but its core tenets are applicable everywhere and are indeed eye-opening:

“E-cigarettes have overtaken more traditional methods as the most widely used support for smokers wanting to quit,” said Robert West, professor of health psychology at [University College London]. “Their impact on public health at present comes from attracting people who would otherwise have tried to stop without any useful form of support. “We estimate that e-cigarettes have probably helped around 20,000 smokers to quit each year, that wouldn’t have otherwise.”

Here’s the full read over at The Telegraph.

Vaping Banned in All Alpine, Utah Parks

If you click the link above in our intro paragraph, you’ll see our last week’s edition of our e-cig news roundup. If you read through it, you’ll also get to the ending paragraph where we say that by and large, it was probably our best news roundup article we’ve ever done, simply because it involved three major stories that were all positive in nature for electronic cigarettes. But as many of you know, weeks like that are the exception and not the rule – often, there is a new law or ordinance that is banning vaping to the same degree or sometimes even moreso than traditional tobacco smoking (which doesn’t making a lot of sense since vaping and smoking are fundamentally different). And wouldn’t you know it, we have another one this week…this time from Alpine, Utah:

If you are caught by police using an e-cigarette or smoke at an Alpine city park, you could now face a $25 fine. Alpine officials approved a municipal ordinance Tuesday making smoking at a public park against the law, something long established as a regulation through the Federal Clean Air Act and the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act. Additionally, and at the request of the Utah County Health Department, the use of e-cigarettes was banned at parks along with smoking tobacco products.

If you want to enjoy a vape in the sunny outdoors of Alpine, you’ll have to do it on private property. The full story via the Daily Herald can be checked out right here.

Misguided Editorial Reflects Everything Wrong with Anti-Vapers

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise – safety is important, and that’s definitely applicable to electronic cigarettes as well. And with as much news coverage as exploding e-cigs receive in the mainstream media, you would think would be a top priority for our lawmakers to enact super strict, super safe laws right away! Well, first of all, that would require our government to move at a speed at which it’s not capable of, and secondly, as we covered in a recent article, the odds of your e-cig exploding are incredibly low and almost wholly preventable with basic safety precautions. But of course, this editorial doesn’t take into account the odds of your vaping device actually exploding, nor that in nearly every single case, it’s the result of user error and not paying attention to the type of charging device, Ohm’s law, and more. It also doesn’t even bother to have a fair-handed approach and instead relies on many misconceptions that we’ve covered here on the blog before…here’s just a small sampling:

The vaping liquids have also been found to contain other chemicals such as Diacetyl, a flavoring associated with a terrifying illness called “Popcorn lung.” [which we covered here – pay special attention to the levels of diacetyl as compared to regular smoking] But until the new regulations kick in and require the disclosure of all chemicals in those liquids, there’s no way for consumers to know what other substances they may be inhaling [another misconception, as e-juice ingredients exceedingly simple and knowable].

It’s frustrating to read through op-eds like this, but surprisingly enough this isn’t the worst we’ve read. Check it out for yourself here. That’s all this week…we’ll have much more on the blog very soon, and be sure to head to the store for the best vaping deals to be found anywhere on the web. By Jerry Whitehead III

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