The Not-So-Happy New Year for Chicago Vapers

A deadly e-cigarette tax went into effect in Chicago on January 1st. Knowing how toxic smoking is, e-cigarette users and business people are frustrated by the attack on this common method to quit.

  • Not-so-Happy New Year from Chicago
  • Traditional Cigarettes: 600 Unasked-for Ingredients
  • The Skinny on Chicago’s Vaping Tax
  • Making the Switch

Not-so-Happy New Year from Chicago

The City of Chicago passed an exorbitant tax on vapor products in 2015 that went into action on New Year’s Day, 2016. The timing of this tax was really bad, since giving up cigarettes is such a common New Year’s resolution. Simultaneously with the introduction of the tax, Chicago’s government also started publicizing an anti-vaping message based on junk science. Why is this tax so deadly? E-cigarettes are a non-toxic, non-combustible smoking-cessation tool. Let’s look at tobacco cigarettes.

Traditional Cigarettes: 600 Unasked-for Ingredients

Every single day, more than 3000 children and teens start smoking in the United States. The casualness with which people have their first cigarette is in stark contrast to the anguish and devastation that a smoking habit can deliver, through smoking-related illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease. It’s easy to think that tobacco is the core problem with cigarettes, but there’s a more likely payday loans online source of the almost half-million American deaths that result from smoking annually: additives. A typical cigarette can have as many as 600 other ingredients that are beyond the 7000 chemicals that are released when you burn one. “One of the issues with cigarettes is that they have hundreds of added ingredients, not just what is naturally in the tobacco plant,” says Mount Sinai environmental health scientist Dr. Luz Claudio. “What complicates this even more is that when these chemicals burn, they form other chemicals that may have additional effects on health.” RJ Reynolds and other cigarette manufacturers say that many of the additives they use are FDA-approved for general consumption. However, that’s a difficult argument when you look at some of the specific substances that are green-lit for smokers. One of the most obvious ones is arsenic. This synthetic chemical is used in rat poison. Ingesting arsenic causes cancer and can lead to birth defects! No thank you. You may also recognize another poison favorite, carbon monoxide. You will also see this chemical in insecticide and car emissions. Another star additive is formaldehyde, which is carcinogenic and one of the main ingredients used to embalm corpses. Gross. A lot of the problem with cigarettes has to do with the way it impacts our access to oxygen, explains City of Hope pulmonologist Dr. Brian Tiep. “First, carbon monoxide grabs on to the hemoglobin molecule, which prevents the transport of oxygen through red blood cells,” he says. “Secondly, cyanide hinders tissue’s ability to take up and utilize oxygen.” Our body’s cells are unable to remain healthy without consistent oxygen access, so smoking suffocates us. None of this sounds good, does it? Along come e-cigarettes, which do not have the same properties as cigarettes and certainly don’t contain its incredible range of chemicals. Even when vapor does contain the same toxins, they are in tiny, trace amounts – quantities that are, in fact, within the legal limits for pharmaceutical medicine. In that light, the anti-vaping actions in Chicago are particularly disturbing – because they make an easy and safe way to get off cigarettes unaffordable for many.

The Skinny on Chicago’s Vaping Tax

The tax is now 55 cents on every milliliter of e-liquids that contain nicotine. The impact typically means that prices in 2016 are about twice what they were in 2015. A standard-size vapor product is 20 milliliters, so the tax on that is now $16.50. Previously these bottles were sold at about that price (under $20), so you can see how much more expensive it is now to vape in the Windy City. American Vaping Association President Gregory Conley said that this tax is the most detrimental he has seen. “The tax is so high that it will shut down many businesses and discourage Chicago smokers from quitting,” he said in December. “This also means that cigarette tax revenue will keep flowing, which will surely make Mayor Rahm Emanuel happy.” As if the tax weren’t aggressive enough at face value, it was applied retroactively to all inventory, which means businesses that already had the product on their shelves started the year owing a huge amount in city taxes. Many vapor store owners were worried they would have to close up shop. The Chicago Department of Health also started an anti-vaping initiative, #VapingTruth. People were not impressed with this effort by and large. Former Action on Smoking & Health director Clive Bates said the message “uses crude lies to deny real human stories.” Similarly, Iowa Attorney General Tom Miller said, “The harm of the combustible cigarette is dramatically greater than the harm of the e-cigarette.”

Making the Switch

Chicago’s new law doesn’t make life easier for vapers to buy what they need in the city. However, we can help you get started quitting smoking with vaping. At, we only stock new, authentic, brand-name ecig products and accessories. Make the switch.


  1. “What do you think? Share!” ……. =/ Well, Jerry…. All considered, the short(er) answer would be that in every way, shape &/or form, I think it all absolutely BLOWS! No one can convince me they don’t ALL know full well that vaping has to be (at the very least) better & healthier than… smoking cigarettes could EVER be. Being $$ driven, unfortunately & in a total panic over the insane amts of revenue & taxes being lost for ever person vaping instead of…. Knowing we’ll naturally want to defend & right all their incorrect & incomplete claims, etc… After failing at trying to be a part of & bring in a chunk of the e-cig profits, now they’ll make claims, scare tactics & look for any loophole, sending us off in a million directions to correct & inform them. They KNOW, c’mon… how could they NOT?! While we’re off defending & sending e-mails about labeling & children… BAM! They switch directions & go with their (imho, original) plan to ban, tax, whatever it takes to try & gain control of the $$$$…. Knowing all they DO know about cigarettes…. & all we know about vaping…. Rather than promote vaping for what it is, a potential life-saver! Instead of thanking each/every one who has converted… being SO incredibly grateful for each of us who is no longer forcing them, their spouses, their KIDS… to be constantly exposed to our (known dangerous/deadly even! toxic!) 2nd hand smoke all the time… without choice & whether they like it or not… (yeah, it’s like… you’re welcome for all that clean air ya walk thru now daily?!) Idk… seems when hundreds of thousands died last yr alone from smoking related illnesses (more than next 3.. combined btw) & the # of those from vaping was, well…. zero! None, zip, zilch, nada… Not last year, the one before OR the 10 before that, either. SO… it isn’t about labeling, isn’t about kids, some gateway to smoking or drugs, flavors, etc etc… With the recent taxes here (I’m in NW burbs of, thankfully.. & not Cook County/Chicago itself. Tho smart enough to know that’s just the beginning & no one is safe. Esp since SOMEHOW, they can sneak in & impose an insane tax on e-liquid, as IF it were a tobacco product.. ?!?! Classify as ‘tobacco’ & lump in with smoking/cigarettes? Ummm, neat trick! However, if that is somehow possible……. we’re FKD no matter imho!!!) ALL, tho.. goes to show it isn’t about educating.. about informing….. they know! Imho we’ve always needed to focus less of what vaping IS……………. & more on what it ISN’T. Put the focus BACK on the cigarettes they so dearly protect at all costs. Those being…… putting $$$$$ before human life, obviously. ‘Cuz if only they’d put 1/100000000 the energy & fight they have towards vaping/e-cigs……. into getting rid of the cigarettes they KNOW to be so deadly already?! I mean, kida says it all right there…. that they don’t/haven’t, ya know?? Just another one of those, “things that makes ya go, ‘hmmmm’ I suppose.. SUCKS tho.. in every possible way & says too much about how things are run & the World we live in these days. I don’t like it one bit…….. To put $$$ before all, even human life (liveSSSSS, that is!) Frankly, idk how they even sleep at night.. makes me literally, sick to think about. Vaping is NOT smoking…. Vaping/ecigs/e-liquid are NOT a tobacco product, NOR ‘smoking’, so… why/how can it be classified (and taxed) as such?? ……… Inquiring minds would love to know! (aka… mine! haha) :) #LiveLong(ER)&VapeON! #ABillionLivesFilm #VapingTruthOhhhhhWEhaveSOMEtruthFORya! #VapingISNTsmokingNORacigarette #VapingISnotTOBACCO ((The # of smokers has decreased…. the # of teen/young adult vaping has increased. According to reports by??? on News & used against vaping, actually. Hasn’t been anyone keeping track before so…. vaping in teens/young adults has increased compared to … ???? when/what? Regardless, if they aren’t smoking, sorry….. but as both a MOM and ex-smoker who started doing so at like, 11-12 yrs old…. (of course better to do neither, duhhh a given) but if it’s gonna be one or the other, hands down I’d prefer & ENCOURAGE my teen/young adult to VAPE instead! Esp knowing all I do about both! Sorry but decreased smoking…. increased vaping……. doesn’t matter who or what age, that’s a total WIN in my book!!! Anyway, when nothing is based on truth…. right/wrong… what things ARE & having proof, etc. anymore…. idk what the hell we’re gonna do here. Seems like it really doesn’t matter===== gonna do/get what they want to keep those big bucks flowing! (raise cig tax again… if you’ve borrowed from Peter to pay Paul after stealing from Pam, idk. Just think of all the people/different industries connected in some way to cigarettes, farming/tobacco, Rx… sales… chemists…. cancer… hospitals…. treatment…. stores/gas stations… States/taxes/regs…. pharma…. phew! Lots counting on the $$$ vaping keeps taking from cig sales… in their eyes.) As sick & ridiculous as it all is tho, I think we & vaping are in BIG trouble here, no matter!!!! Huge, in fact. =( Saying that is such a HUGE shame…. while true, honestly doesn’t even begin to describe how deeply it all goes. $ above all should be their motto! Illinois/Cook County….. is, unfortunately, just (part of… NY, Indiana, etc.) the beginning I’m sure. They don’t need to be educated or informed here, ohhhhh they know, trust! (how could anyone not know its at least ‘better than…..’? the proven deadly cigs KILLING hundreds of thousands every year?! Yeah, those…. You know, the cigarettes they hope we’ll all go back to…. & keep their pockets lined…… No matter the cost, to US, they might consider human life.. somewhere after their profits! Cigarettes, ironically, they apparently have NO problem still having/selling!?! Instead, have been fighting SO hard to ban, tax, classify as ‘tobacco’ (why?) tarnish, shame…. vaping/e-cigs? Sooooo the vaping/e-cigs that ISN’T smoking… ISN’T a cigarette, ISN’T tobacco & that HASN’T KILLED a single person; aren’t dangerous/deadly/toxic like they already know cigarettes to absolutely be?! Hmmmm, now THAT makes lots of sense, right?? Kinda says it all tho. ……….. sigh. :( Ugh, just turns my stomach to think this is the World I live in. SO unfair… where right/wrong/fact doesn’t really matter OR mean a thing. Imho, IL …. is (one of) just the beginning here, as much as I wish it wasn’t.

  2. ((((( HOLY hell, Batman ….. ))))) Sorry ^ Couldn’t find an ‘edit’ button to get rid of… Pls feel free to delete that ranting, run-on galore.. story-time mess! =p Phew.. just gets me SO heated! lol

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