Nicotine; The Joker or Batman

We’ve all been told from day one that nicotine is the bad guy in cigarettes and in vaping. The worst bad guy since the Joker himself. We also know that when it comes to money, the health industry and the tobacco industry are BFFs. So, when a smoke free alternative comes along without all of the money sucking, death inducing additives, yet still allows the consumer to get their nicotine fix, enter the Joker. Nicotine has been demonized as the cause of all the health issues in cigarettes. While we don’t know everything there is to know about nicotine and its effects on the body, and its internal systems, we do know that it is not the demon it has been made out to be.

A study done by Texas A&M has proven that there is a good side to nicotine. Without tobacco it promotes the increase of receptors in the brain, that could protect from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, as well as promote weight loss. Researchers added nicotine to the water of three test groups of mice at different concentrations, as well as a control group that received zero nicotine.

While the groups with the two lowest concentrations of nicotine did not show any changes, “the group that received the highest concentration of nicotine ate less, gained less weight and had more receptor, indicating that at higher doses, the drug gets into the brain where it can impact behavior.”

Even though the delivery method of the nicotine was ingestion, instead of inhalation, that doesn’t mean it couldn’t have the same effects on the body. While the study is still on-going Winzer-Serhan encourages people not to smoke. He also states “that we shouldn’t write-off nicotine completely.”

This Article by India TV goes more into the study more depth. What do you think about nicotine as a preventative medicine?

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