Is the biggest threat to our industry the FDA?

The day after we made the purchase of, the proposed FDA regulations were released to the public.  We thought to ourselves, “this is not so bad”.   We then started out in creating this website and loading up on inventory.  Investing tons of money, time and energy!  We thought we had plenty of time to beat the deeming regulations from our Federal Government and to comply where we needed.  Now we’re faced with a new set of problems.

Throughout the last few months I’ve seen a number of bills come up, some that have been shot down, some that are pending but all in regards to either banning electronic cigarettes, classifying them as tobacco products or heavily taxing them.

It seems now, our biggest threat to the ecig industry is at the State level and not the federal level.

For example, the resent by Illinois Rep. Kathleen Willis calls for an all out ban of ecigs in the state.  You can see that bill here.

Creates the Sale of Flavored Electronic Cigarettes and Flavored Cigarette Liquids Prohibition Act. Creates the offense of unlawful sale of flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids. Provides that a person commits unlawful sale of flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids when he or she knowingly sells flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids, or causes, permits, or procures flavored electronic cigarettes or flavored cigarette liquids to be sold from his or her premises or establishment. Provides that a violation is a Class A misdemeanor. Defines “electronic cigarette”, “electronic cigarette liquids”, “flavored electronic cigarette”, and “flavored cigarette liquids”.


Here all along we’ve been worried about the FDA and our biggest threat now is the state.  There is something you can do however, make sure you stay on top of your state laws and join CASSA.

It’s like playing whack – a – mole almost daily with these new bills.  So keep up to date, and write these Congressmen, Senators and local lawmakers to voice your opinion.   Do not sit on your hands, or we’ll be left with nothing.

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