Conversation with a Vaping Reporter

When exploring the topic of vaping, it’s interesting to consider the perspective of someone who writes about the practice for a living. That’s the case with Guy Bentley, a reporter with The Daily Caller who is an advocate of vaping research and e-cigarette user rights.

  • Vaping in the News
  • Who is Guy Bentley?
  • Comparison to Prohibition Era
  • Two goals: More Research & Free Access
  • Quitting Smoking with Vaping

Vaping in the News

Some people in the vaping community worry about the political aspects of the practice. These individuals are concerned essentially that an increased focus on regulation, and the costs associated with it, might run small operators out of business and negatively impact the industry. Political debates take place largely in the press, and one of the biggest figures who’s emerged in this debate is Guy Bentley, a reporter for the Washington, DC-based Daily Caller. Vape News Magazine recently spoke with Bentley to get more of his thoughts on the subject.

Who is Guy Bentley?

Guy Bentley has written extensively on the topic of e-cigarettes for The Daily Caller, a paper based in Washington, DC. His reports have been shared extensively on Facebook, Twitter, and elsewhere. Bentley is important to vapers because he is a strong advocate, believing that it is the best way for people to get off of cigarettes. Obviously many e-cigarette users agree with Bentley’s perspective.

Comparison to Prohibition Era

Bentley thinks that some of the information that appears in the news is biased and based on unsound research methods. “The only valid research data is truthfully based on the proper statistics,” he says. He thinks that understanding vaping clearly is critical because it could be a remarkable public health tool – especially since alternatives such as the patch, gum, and the medication Chantix have not worked for many people. Bentley says that vaping is essentially an industry that was created by the market, and that raw market competition resulted in an incredible degree of innovation. Plus, he thinks it’s an effective way to quit smoking. The reporter sees vaping as a way in which businesspeople have successfully addressed an incredible public health challenge through technological means. Bentley describes the political aspect of vaping in colorful terms, referring back to the “Bootleggers and Baptists” (aka merchants and moralists) of the Prohibition Era. In this context, the public health officials play the role of the Baptists, while tobacco and pharmaceutical companies play the role of the Bootleggers. “There are those in the public health community that seem to be militantly against nicotine use,” he says. The public health side argues (according to this framework) that abstinence is how nicotine should be approached; meanwhile, the merchants (tobacco and pharmaceutical firms) don’t want the competition from another industry, vaping.

Two Goals: More Research & Free Access

Bentley actually doesn’t consider himself to be biased toward vaping. However, he does think that research should be transparent and that people in a free society should be able to decide if they want to vape or not. Bentley thinks that vaping is interesting socio-culturally, thinking of it as an instance in which people are turning toward a new product (which he views as effective) to try to get away from a harmful habit. Getting a little more pointed, Bentley suggests that there is a lot of junk science on vaping and that media outlets aren’t covering the practice fairly. He also says some journalists are being compelled by editors to grab people’s attention with overdramatic headlines rather than directly convey information. Furthermore, “[a] lot of people within the media will simply glance over a press release without looking at any other bits of information or do any other types of independent research,” he says, “ultimately sensationalizing the negative stories about vaping and e-cigarettes.” Many people in the media don’t look into the specific details of research, Bentley claims; rather, they simply pass on the statements made by the research firms as truth, leading to a climate of misinformation. In fact, Bentley directly believes that the Food and Drug Administration is not taking the right steps. He says vaping is safer than smoking and that the FDA shouldn’t target the industry with excessive rules. Bentley doesn’t want people who use e-cigarettes to lose their right to use them or to have their rights infringed. He also thinks that increased regulations on the vaping industry would be negative economically, in terms of the potential for businesses to go bankrupt or have to lay off employees. Bentley argues that people who believe in vaping, who think it is a safe and effective way to quit smoking, should be active politically as the industry develops. For instance, people can reach out to their congressional representatives and “make your voices heard in a reasonable, rational, and positive way.”

Quitting Smoking with Vaping

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