Now Shipping Internationally!


One of the many goals that I set for Q1 of 2015 was to start shipping internationally.  I’ve had a lot of international potential customers contact me on this and today I am proud to announce that we are now shipping to the following countries:

Puerto Rico, Bahamas, Chile, Costa Rica, Ecquador, Guatemala, Hondura, Jamaica, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Austria, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Hungary, Italy, Lithuani, Luxembourg, Montenegro, Netherlands, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Afria, Spain, Switzerlan & South Korea!

We’re continuing to work on adding more and more countries every day, however there are some very strict import laws into many countries.  For example, you cannot import e-juice with nicotine in it to Canada.  However we can ship hardware to Canada, which is our next task.

I realize there are companies shipping internationally without any issue, but we must follow the import laws as they are at this time.   I love to travel with family and friends, and I have a fear that if I ignore the import laws I’ll end up on the National Geographic Channel’s Locked Up Abroad!

That being said, I’m working on adding new countries that require paperwork to be filled out.   If we’re missing a countries that you feel are ones that we can ship to, feel free to comment on this blog post or come to and leave us a message.


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